Bonus Crowns

crowns summer sale 300x200Enjoy the summer season with a splendid 40% bonus to all Crown purchases!

Tell me Sire… What is golden, shiny, fills our hearts with joy and hasn’t been spotted in the kingdom for all too long? Yes! Summer is here and with it comes a deal that few Lords and Ladies can resist, extra Crowns!

To give your scouts a boost of energy while riding under the blazing summer sun and to keep the stocks in our granary from spoiling too quickly, the royal bank is offering a staggering 40% bonus on all Crown purchases.

This rare deal is now live and will be available until 2pm GMT (Game Time) on July 5th. It applies to all purchase types and payment methods, including gifts. Stock up your supplies and reinforce your defenses or ready your forces for battle! Do not miss this opportunity to crush our enemies and raise to kingship as they bathe in the sun.