Community Gameplay Update


10+ new features requested by players. Includes new AI castles, leaderboards, map enhancements and more!

At the start of the year we decided that the future of Stronghold Kingdoms and new features added every month would be a shared decision between players and developers. We’re pleased to say that all of the 11 new features added in this month’s Community Gameplay Update were requested by the community and implemented by the Stronghold Kingdoms team. Our forums, Facebook page and Twitter feed are a constant source of new ideas and we can’t thank you enough for contributing to the development of the game.


Paladin’s Castles – These new AI castles will appear in parishes and give a popularity boost dependent on the size of the castle to all villages in that parish. These can be attacked in the same manner as regular AI castles.

Extra Leaderboards – New Leaderboards have now been added to the game, listing which players have collected the most Glory, made the most Parish donations and razed the most villages.

New Map Features – A new world map filter has been added which shows only hostile AI threats, namely wolf Camps, Bandit Camps and AI Castles. Players are also now able to view the ID numbers for Capitals on the map and the locations of resource stashes at higher zoom levels.


That’s not all! Click here for a full list of new features, tweaks and changes. As always if you have a suggestion of your own please visit the “Feedback” section of the official Stronghold Kingdoms forum and let it be known. You can also tweet us at @SHKingdoms.

Until next month!