Crossword Giveaway

Celebrate Steam’s Stronghold Crusader 2 free weekend with a special Kingdoms giveaway!

Salam, your Lordship! After the Stronghold Crusader 2 free weekend sale on Steam our celebratory Stronghold Kingdoms giveaway now enters its final stage. Below you will find the final piece of our crossword competition puzzle, themed after the game’s colorful cast of characters. The last of three parts, today’s giveaway provides you with the chance to unlock our final ‘mega code’ containing Super and Ultimate Card Packs!



As you can see we have now published the complete crossword, meaning all YOU have to do is find the characters’ names in English and complete the code with the appropriate letters to win!

To claim the gift simply enter your code in the ‘Redeem Offer Code’ section of your Stronghold Kingdoms account.

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Missed out? No worries – You can still take part in previous stages of the competition:

Part 1



Part 2English-2


Please Note: The crossword codes will expire on Monday 11th of April 2016 at 10:00 GMT.

Solution codes to the Crossword Puzzles:
Day 1: C4RA 5EL9 E65I 4A2I
Day 2: 3CL2 A43E 9IE7 A2RS
Day 3: E4AI 8EN2 K85I 2H3C