Domination 2 Now Live

domination2_en1The ultimate fast-paced and brutal gameplay experience awaits you, Sire!

Domination 2 has opened its gates to all players, inviting Lords and Ladies from across the Kingdoms to once again come together and fight for eternal glory. With an expansion of the first Domination World’s rules set, Domination 2 is guaranteed to provide an exciting and immersive experience in an even faster, more competitive and more brutal environment than ever before. Reaching the top will require players to adopt their tactics, form new strategies and use the world’s unique features to their advantage in order to secure domination over their eager foes.

The toughest, bravest and most enduring players will be heavily rewarded when the world closes in 60 days. Players who place in the top ten of any leaderboard or are a member of the house with the most glory at the time the world closes will receive exclusive prizes only attainable by winning Domination World. Fight, farm and forage your way to glory so that your name will never be forgotten.

A full list of the Domination 2 gameplay ruleset and prizes can be found in our official Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki –

Do you have what it takes?