Domination World Prizes Revealed


The end is nigh! Less than two weeks of Domination remain…

Domination World is due to end on February 20th at 3:00pm GMT and players far and wide are preparing their final dash towards the top of the Leaderboards!

Latest News

With the leading House 16 currently in control of a total of eight countries, it will prove difficult for their enemies to gain the upper hand. One member of the mighty House 16 Lionhearts has no doubt about their victory: “Our enemies have proven again and again that they are nothing more but dirty and weak little insects, and we are the muddy boot that will continue to crush each and every one of them to the bitter end. Nothing on this world will stop us, not even the stinking peasants of House 6.”

The Free Folk of House 6, still hopeful to catch up with the Lionhearts, are rumoured to be preparing their last assault on House 16. Responding to an in-game mail they told us: “So far the minions following 0ct4ne have managed to taunt us as they please, but their ridicule will soon come to an end. Tomorrow, when the dawn of nights falls upon the countries and darkness takes the lands hostage, we will exterminate our enemies with an unprecedented strike, making us the ruling house and securing our place at the top of the glory race.” Other houses appear skeptical towards the success of this coup however, claiming that House 6 lack the tactical skills to pull it off and emphasizing that they haven’t even managed to successfully execute military operations on a much smaller scale.


The atmosphere on the battlefield is tenser than ever as thousands of players compete for the winning prize, awarded to the leading house and all players in the top 10 of each in-game Leaderboard. The prizes, which we are now ready to reveal, are as follows:

– Exclusive Platinum Card Pack

– 10 x Ultimate Pack

– 10 x Super Pack

– 10 x Random Pack

– 1 x Unique Shield Charge

– Entry into the new Hall of Legends

Only attainable by winning the Domination world, the exclusive Platinum Card Pack contains some of the rarest and strongest cards available in Stronghold Kingdoms: Eureka, Expert Castle Designer, Holy Envoy, Expert Protection, Expert Discipline. While using these cards to conquer countries on other worlds, the unique shield charge will let you proudly display your Domination World victory, sending shivers of fear down your future enemies’ spines. Additionally, we have created a new “Hall of Legends”, solely for the brave Domination World champions, honoring your extraordinary achievements for generations to come.

The remaining days of Domination World will no doubt be an exciting end to what has so far been a brutal and demanding struggle in the race to the very top. Who will manage to be Number 1? We will only know once the dust of the final battles has settled!