Europe World Full


Temporarily closed to new players and set to reopen soon!

The record breaking response to our recently launched ‘Europe’ world has been absolutely overwhelming. With ‘Europe’ being one of the most requested additions to Stronghold Kingdoms, it comes as little surprise that it has grown so quickly thanks to players worldwide. While the battle for resources, territories and villages is an integral part of the Kingdoms gameplay, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the number of players and available resources. In order to ensure that players are able to get the most from their experience on the new world, we have decided that for a limited time no new players will be able to join Europe. Any players who have already joined the world will still be able to play on it and will be completely unaffected. Controlling the increase of players on the world is essential to maintaining the kind of gameplay balance that is necessary for a vibrant and fun playing experience. Please note this is only a temporary measure and that after a short period we will once again open the world to new users.

Once again we are thankful for the massive support players have given Kingdoms since launching Europe. This is a temporary measure to ensure a balanced gameplay experience and we apologise for any inconvenience caused for players who have not yet had the chance to join the battle for Europe. Aware of the large number of players still hoping to join this highly anticipated world, we plan to open it up again soon allowing new players to get involved in European warfare!