Global Conflict 2 Coming Soon

On Thursday April 14th a new Global Conflict game world will see thousands of aspiring Lords and Ladies battle for the throne!Sire, may I ask what you would do if you had the entire world at your feet? Would you find a quiet tropical coast on which to farm peacefully, build an industrial trading empire inland or spend every waking hour waging war across the globe? The crazed look in your eyes suggests the latter!

Our scouts bring word that next week – on Thursday April 14th at 2pm GMT – more than 150 new countries will be ripe for the taking. The discovery of a new world will soon be upon us! Based on the first Global Conflict, this is the chance for a new set of brave Lords to rule their very own Kingdom. Fresh alliances will be made, new treaties drawn up and wars waged across the largest game world in Kingdoms.

Whether you or your House hope to dominate a small island, city state or an entire country these new lands will soon be yours for the taking. So bring your greatest warriors, spies and traders or miss out on your best opportunity to claim Global Conflict 2 for your own!

See you on the battlefield.