House 17 Triumphs in World 4’s Final Age


In memory of World 4 we honour the victors and reveal a special prize for players on all worlds!

Read our Interview with House Marshall grudge319!

World 4 Ends

In the fastest Age completion in Stronghold Kingdoms history, the unstoppable House 17 of World 4 conquered all 150 Royal Towers in less than a week! With all towers under control of ‘The Insane’ grudge319 made the toughest decision a House Marshall can ever make, to end the world and bring peace to a land torn apart by endless combat.

Players of World 4 may still enter the world and view their Kingdom. They will be given an overview of their personal stats, achievements and those of all other players, however they will not be able to interact with the world. While villages, research and achievements must be left behind on World 4 all cards, Crowns and allies can be carried into any other game world. The players of World 4 now have more than 20 live worlds to choose from, each offering a new chance to rise to the top, forge life-long friendships and build a mighty Kingdom. Make a power play on Global Conflict, save your armaments for future worlds or join forces with House 10 on Mondo 1, which has just entered the Sixth Age!



What Next?

With such a swift end to the Final Age, we are once again humbled by the skill and determination of Kingdoms players worldwide. Reading your feedback in the forums and on social media, we will work to create an even better gameplay experience for the next world that enters its Final Age. To thank all players for their input, spreading the news on social media and to celebrate this historic milestone, we have created a redeemable code containing free card packs and a 7-Day Premium Token:


To redeem the code simply run Stronghold Kingdoms, log in and enter the code at the bottom of the ‘Account Details” screen.



Final Age Prizes

Please Note: The below players have already received their Final Age prizes and we are aiming to add the Ultimate/Gold tier shield charges prizes in our next client update.



House 17 (The Insane) – Pressed ‘The Button’ and amassed the most Glory Points:

  • 4k Card Points
  • 30 Research Packs
  • 20 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 30 Super Random Packs
  • 40 Random Packs
  • 100 Expert Chivalry Cards
  • 3 30-Day Premium Tokens
  • 2 Unique Shield Charges (Coming Soon)



House 4 (The Farmers), House 5 (The Navigators), House 6 (The Free Folk) and House 9 (The Rams) – Ranked between second and fifth in the Glory Race:


  • 3k Card Points
  • 5 Research Packs
  • 10 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 20 Super Random Packs
  • 30 Random Packs
  • 3 30-Day Premium Token



All Other Players – Ranked Prince or Princess with a village at world end:

  • 2k Card Points
  • 5 Research Packs
  • 5 Ultimate Random Packs
  • 10 Super Random Packs
  • 20 Random Packs
  • 3 30-Day Premium Token



New Worlds!

Additional game worlds will open in time, with several new worlds and world types in active development and scheduled for release this year. For now we can say that many of the new worlds we’re planning won’t simply be new versions of existing maps.

We’re looking to introduce fresh gameplay with some worlds, new maps with others or simply provide untouched battlegrounds as old worlds are closed by players. New versions of existing worlds can also be expected when we launch our iOS and Android versions, which enter closed beta next month.