May Update Now Live

client_05_14_update New Cards, Facebook Login and Improved Card Trading

New Cards

Our May gameplay update adds 20 brand new strategy cards to Stronghold Kingdoms. These new cards further bolster the Kingdoms deck, affecting various areas of gameplay such as diplomacy, trading, village construction and castle defence. Here is a small taste of the cards awaiting you…

Expert Ballistae – This new castle defence card gives Ballistae a higher rate of fire when defending against enemy attacks.

Expert Trade Caravans – Allows Merchants to carry larger loads when buying or selling goods at Markets.

Expert Diplomacy – Increase the chance of averting enemy attacks with this card, giving you more time to prepare your castle for attack.

Expert Banqueting – This card will increase the Honour gained from holding a Banquet.

Mercenaries – Strengthen your forces by adding a large squad of swordsmen to your army.

Not only will these new cards help you complete Quests and Achievements, you are also now be able to share accomplishments with your Facebook friends!


Facebook Sharing

When players rank up, complete a quest or gain an achievement they can now share this monumental milestone with their friends and family via Facebook! Sharing on Facebook is available to all players, not just those logged into the game via Facebook. Share your greatest successes with friends and let the whole world recognise your might! Please note that the game will never post to Facebook without your consent.


Facebook Login

New players are now able to create a SHK account using their Facebook login. Existing SHK players are also now able to link their SHK account to their Facebook login and login to SHK using their Facebook details. Please note Facebook login will not work for those playing the game through Steam, Bigpoint or Aeria.


Improved Card Trading

When under siege, players often need to generate Card Points quickly in order to strengthen their defences. To this end we have removed the existing five card cash-in limit, allowing you to cash-in up to 60 cards at once! This will speed up trading without any drawbacks, as this trade will also give you a chance for a bonus with every set of five cards cashed-in.


Update Notes

A full list of changes, new strategy cards and details on the new features can be found here.



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