New Domination Now Open

Join thousands of players in the battle for eternal glory and exclusive prizes!

Sire, it is time to rise up and crush our enemies. We must establish dominion over the British Isles and eradicate any Lord bold enough to cross your path… With a tighter focus on PvP combat, the new Domination is ours for the taking! You and your allies have 180 days to rise to the top and reap the rewards. Quickly gain control of the kingdom and stop any counterattacks dead in their tracks.

Just remember: Domination 3 features a special rule set.

180 days later this world will forever close its gates, with those of us deemed worthy generously rewarded for our strategic cunning! A bundle of valuable prizes will be handed to each Lord and Lady placed in the top 10 of any leaderboard at world end. The winning House (ours – of course) will then be showered with prizes, its members immortalized in the Hall of Legends! With no Glory Rounds the winning House will be determined by the total Glory generated during 180 days of brutal warfare.

My Lord, we must join the fight and secure our place in the Hall of Legends!