New Stronghold Legends Steam Edition

Stronghold Legends re-releases on Steam with new multiplayer support, Steam workshop, exclusive maps and more!

It’s time to hatch your dragon, sire! Dive into a world of medieval folklore filled with dragons, witches and wizards in a truly legendary Stronghold game. Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition takes the beloved castle building series and plunges it into myth and legend with three unique factions and 24 story missions. Now remastered with new Steam-exclusive content, it is the definitive version of the unique fantasy RTS.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the launch celebration of Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition! We have selected 50 lucky winners to receive these valuable ingame prizes:

  • 5 x Random Card Packs
  • 5 x Super Random Packs
  • 5 x Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 x 30-day Premium Token

Congratulations to the following winners:

GaWaLi, razvymacyo, Myst2429, JoyfulNoiseMagic, schleifhex666, Stronghold_King, XxKiriixX, Ethelon, Vikinggg, MANYACARAJO, GARAGAN, sumpfi123, Mikel182, staffofmoses, Dark-Sidious, You-Only-Live-Once, JumperRun, MisterBean3112, isot2002, intex171823, Sir_Zygmunt, Duterte, Drragoco, Flammifer, Superspeeder114, MrA123, MAD MAX III, Lourd Edward, ddmckmle, suilujsuiluj, RexeR2233, ChefMichy, Eragonia, bolz00, petarjukic, oldPOPEYE, beast132, apheex, Blutzeuge, Purple Doodlebug, Brutalizer II, kamruzzaman, Lady Nickel, PHATROCCO, The Fighting Force, bargoucentre, GreatGadon, lordsith54, Ragnar686, schulz95

If you are one of the lucky winners, the prizes have automatically been added to your account.



Launch Discount

Out now with 15% off on Steam, Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition comes with full Steam multiplayer, achievements, new maps, a digital art book, trading cards and all DLC campaigns. This new version also updates Legends with full Steam Workshop support! Sculpt an icy tundra to wage war on, create a scorched earth battleground using the evil terrain type or conjure up a magical kingdom fit for King Arthur himself.


Already own Stronghold Legends on Steam? Then simply launch the Steam client and enjoy the additional features after updating to the new version for FREE!