New Update Teased

teaser_client_enNew update teased – Unite and wrestle control of a new world from invading forces in the latest expansion for Stronghold Kingdoms!

My Lord, I can’t believe it… I won’t! Your spies bring word of a land under siege, different from our England, Europe or any kingdom your armies have touched thus far. A world under the iron hand of a feared adversary and his wretched henchmen, crying out for heroes to arrive before there is nothing left to save. These people are desperate my Lord, they are at their limits and begging for our aid. Each day villages are razed and captured by dark forces led by an age-old enemy, with attacks on all sides even from nearby countries!

For now we wait. Let me first meet with our spymaster, learn more of the enemy and discover a route for our forces into these lands. However, you must heed my words before they force our hand… Soon we must put aside quarrels with rival Lords, strike a temporary alliance with our countrymen and drive this vermin from the land!


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