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en‘Rise of The Wolf’ calls for a gallant hero to save the British Isles in this new game world!



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‘Rise of The Wolf’ Game World – New Features

  • PvE Gameplay – Experience completely new player-versus-environment gameplay on the new ‘Rise of The Wolf’ game world.
  • New Challenges – Do battle with classic Stronghold characters including The Wolf, The Pig, The Snake and The Rat, holding back their invasion of medieval England.
  • Improved AI – The Wolf and his cronies are able to raze and capture villages, vote for themselves in elections, repair its castles, scout resources and more!
  • Co-Op – Team up to defeat a common enemy, with the hardcore PvP gameplay of Stronghold Kingdoms turned on its head and players forced to cooperate to survive.
  • Better Loot – Raze and capture AI villages, uncover resources stashes and win Glory rounds for the chance to receive powerful in-game items.

Please Note: To join the new ‘Rise of The Wolf’ game world players will need to log in, click on the blue ‘Select World’ button followed by ‘Select AI Worlds’.

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A Word From Your Scribe

Sire, the time has come to don your armour, gather our forces and ally with our countrymen. Let us challenge The Wolf and his officers, undo their evil deeds and finally put an end to their savage reign! Our scouts have spotted several stretches of uninhabited land which have not yet fallen to The Wolf and his subordinates: The Pig, The Snake and The Rat. We must join our fellow Lords and populate these deserted lands, growing our collective forces until we are powerful enough to push back our new enemies. We must fight tooth and nail, capturing and razing their villages one by one and driving them from each Parish we move into. Alone we are weak, but together we can regain control over political positions and finally rid this world of the dark and brutal tyranny that it has already endured for far too long!

Heed my words, the four AI Lords of this new world are more dangerous and aggressive than the ones we remember from our homeland. Invading their territory will not go unpunished, with each village we capture becoming a target to be taken back by force. Never underestimate the vindictiveness of a foul tempered evildoer such as The Rat or The Snake, especially after losing a strategically positioned village and seeing his friends dispossessed of their mighty castles! Should you withstand the AI’s bid for power and hold back their advance, know that further dangers await you on the horizon. With their armies surrounding us the AI will launch invasions from the sea, constantly looking to reclaim power and gain a foothold in vulnerable parts of the isles. Only by working together and consolidating defensive positions across the country can we hope to win…

Good Luck!


Peace Time: Each player receives 30 days of peace time for the first village that is placed on the Rise of The Wolf world. Additional villages will offer the regular three days of peace time when purchased from a charter.