Pig Castle #2

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Pig Castle 2 is the lightest variant of this design which carries on into the next 2 designs each with ever increasing difficulty. I could have gone with the alphabetical sub-categorization (eg Pig Castle 2-A) but given the fact that there are so few Pig Castle designs overall I failed to see any potential benefit gained in doing so.

Scouts needed to get castle report 4+
AI castle Sally forth Yes (2 Knights)
Armed Peasants emitted from Tunnel
Armed Peasant tunnel location
Killing Pits No



While it may be the weakest of it’s style, Pig Castle 2 has a good moat around it making anything but a side approach a lengthy siege given the time it takes for Pikemen to dig up moat squares.

On all 4 sides of the castle I set up Pikemen to intercept The Pig’s Swordsmen so they wouldn’t slaughter my Archers. I only used Pikemen and Archers in this attack because Pig Castle #2 is usually found in newer worlds with lower ranking players, these players might not have catapults and I want this guide to apply to as general an audience as practically possible.



As I mentioned before, the focus of this attack was honor farming and approachability for less advanced players. By removing the entire castle with naught but archers and pikemen the rank barrier for entry in significantly lowered.

Total recruitment cost (values are in gold) 12,250
Recruitment value of surviving units 9,850
Actual recruitment cost to remove 2,400



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