Pig Castle #5

Pig Castle 5 Header

All in all, I would have to say Pig Castle #5 is quite rare. It seems that most of the time, when a Parish has enough high level players to sanction this castle appearing, they also are qualified for some of the mid-sized Wolf Castles which are by far more common.

I am a prolific AI castle remover ingame and in all my 2+ years playing I’ve encountered maybe a handful of Pig Castle #5 Castles in my Parishes. Besides the outrageous Moat and the Archers in the outer towers (which will quickly pick off your Catapults) nothing about this castle is really challenging.

Scouts needed to get castle report 4+
AI castle Sally forth Yes (2 Knights)
Armed Peasants emitted from Tunnel
Armed Peasant tunnel location
Killing Pits No


Pig Castle #5’s huge Moat is a pain to dig up with anything less than Swordsmen but sticking with my base formula I’m doing it with the much cheaper Pikemen. My Archers are in staggered formations and the center ones are placed to the front so as to hopefully kill off The Pig’s Archers on the center Great Tower behind the Moat before they do too much damage to my Catapults.

All the Catapults are aimed at th Keep as The Pig doesn’t deploy any Ballistas in his castle design. You may notice a common glitch in the setup image, The Pig’s Guard Houses are shown as the default wooden ones when in fact they are Stone Guard Houses as you will see in the Result image below.

Pig Castle 5 Setup


If you don’t die from boredom after watching your Pikemen and Archers dig up The Pig’s Moat for around 5 minutes you will get to see the result screen below. By contrast this attack was cheaper than one I did with Swordsmen although the Swordsmen attack was over in about half the time due to how quickly Swordsmen dig up Moats.

Total recruitment cost (values are in gold) 24,620
Recruitment value of surviving units 11,830
Actual recruitment cost to remove 12,790

Pig Castle 5 Setup

Pig Castle 5 Result Table

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