Prizes Revealed

en_clientMighty card packs await the winners of the first ‘Rise of the Wolf’ Glory Round!

My Lord, The Wolf and his evil henchmen have almost won the first Glory Round. You must hurry if you still wish to overtake them on the road to victory! The journey is tough and will require many sacrifices, but you will find yourself generously compensated for your extraordinary bravery.

Should your House win the first Glory Round on ‘Rise of The Wolf’, you and your fellow house members will each receive the following prizes:


  • 1 x Platinum Pack
  • 2 x Ultimate Random Packs
  • 3 x Super Random Packs
  • 5 x Random Packs


Drive the AI out of your territories and take control over the political landscape if you want to receive these fantastic prizes! Unlike regular worlds, each Glory Round the winning House will receive a set of special prizes for its victory. All Houses will also remain in the Glory Race, there will be no eliminations.

Please Note: These prizes listed above are only for the first Glory Round and may vary for future Glory Rounds.