Quests Come to Stronghold Kingdoms


Over 150 Quests and the prize-giving Quest Wheel make their debut

Lord Knight, I have a quest for thee… Stronghold Kingdoms’ Quests System is here to test thy mettle and with over 150 different quests to complete this is no easy task!

Each Lord will need to be Resourceful, Battle Hardened and Ride Like the Wind to finish the most daring quests in time. To complete them all you will need to be more than just a farmer, trader, diplomat or warlord! You will need to master every discipline from Feasting and Healing the Sick to Striking Fear in the hearts of men and going Construction Crazy. Some quests will even earn you a spin on the fabled Quest Wheel, where Card Packs, Card Points, Research Points and more can be won! Each spin on the wheel is guaranteed a prize, as landing on the foolish Jester will simply earn you another chance to make your fortune. The Quest Wheel has 5 levels, each with its own set of riches to be won, the very best prizes available only to Lords and Ladies ranked Duke, Duchess or higher.

The quests screen can be accessed as soon as you start the game by clicking on the Grail icon on the top menu bar of the main Stronghold Kingdoms interface, in between Ranks and Attacks. It is here that my Lord can view and activate available quests, as well as choosing to abandon the current quest if he so desires.

The race is on to complete all 174 quests. Will you be the first?