Sale Now Live

winter_sale_client_2014_engBuy Crowns and receive 20% extra! Fortify your winter stronghold with even more card packs and premium tokens.

While you dig in and prepare for the brutal winter ahead, battling against the elements and your fellow players across the plains of Europe 2, why not make the most of the holiday season with our Winter Sale?

Bolster your armoury, castle defences and Kingdoms deck with card packs and premium tokens by taking advantage of the 20% extra Crowns all players now receive on Crown purchases.

Effective immediately all purchases made between December 18th at 18:00 GMT and January 2nd at 18:00 GMT will be topped up with 20% extra Crowns. Claim your place on the political landscape of Europe 2, be the first to scout the special Christmas resource stashes or turn the tide of battle and upset the balance of power on your current world! The Winter Sale has been launched to give you and your House a vital edge, with the extra power needed to dominate sworn enemies.

Please Note: This offer applies to all payment methods, Crown bundles and includes Crown Gifting.

Happy Holidays!