Snake Castle #2


Snake Castle #2 continues to build on design #1 adding more archers, thicker walls, and more towers. Since the Gatehouse isn’t protected by any towers the use of catapults in this attack is desirable.

Scouts needed to get castle report 2+
AI castle Sally forth No
Armed Peasants emitted from Tunnel
Armed Peasant tunnel location
Killing Pits No


I’ve stepped the attack up a bit in terms of army size; a total of 345 units are utilized, including catapults. The primary reason for this is Snake Castle #2 doesn’t appear early on in new worlds and it’s more likely you’ll have access to a similar army by that time. Since the walls on this castle are at least two thick or greater I’ve decided to use the direct approach and knock down the front Gatehouse since it’s susceptible to long range catapult fire.




Since my Catapults were well out of range of The Snake’s Archers, none of my Catapults were lost and their assistance in breaking down the Gatehouse was invaluable, I was able to quickly dispatch the garrison and make it to the keep without missing a beat. If you don’t have access to Catapults yet don’t fret, it’s perfectly doable with only archers if you don’t mind loosing a small percentage more of your units. Attacking this castle design with only Armed Peasants however is not recommended.

Total recruitment cost (values are in gold) 10,200
Recruitment value of surviving units 9,500
Actual recruitment cost to remove 700



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