Steam Review Giveaway Winners Announced

CompetitionWinner_client20 lucky players have been selected from hundreds of Steam user reviews, each winning a pack of in-game prizes!

Seeking to further adjust and expand the game according to your wishes and desires, we have launched a Steam Review event with breathtaking results. In a flood of reviews, you have shared your thoughts on Stronghold Kingdoms with us, providing us with the necessary inspirations for us to shape a thrilling future for the game. Now that we know what you love most about Stronghold Kingdoms and which elements can be improved on, we are diligently at work to provide everyone with the perfect online Stronghold experience.

Of the several hundred reviews you have posted during the last two weeks, we have hand-picked 20 of the most insightful, helpful and engaging reviews to win a large bundle of card packs and Premium Tokens:

WeskerA, Mx37300, antho460, Erixorr, ivansmagic, Albusgat, TheodinManus, nomatophobia, SL0P0K3, iDoctor60, Kopcheniy, ShadowNunuo, mysery, KenyA2kat, LorD_DeatH, LordZwergerl, Sliderx3, Mark de Burg, WilczaHusaria, hajciksnc

Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to everyone who has participated in this special kind of Kingdoms Giveaway! Armed with an arsenal of suggestions and incentives for us to incorporate into Kingdoms, we will do our best to make changes that act on your feedback and improve on the aspects that you already love. If you have not had the chance to give us your feedback, just post them in the official Stronghold Kingdoms forum or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter.


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