Stronghold Kingdoms Touch Trailer

Mobile touch version will release in summer 2016! Coming to iOS and Android with new controls and cross-play.

We have just released the first trailer for our mobile redesign of Stronghold Kingdoms. At release phone and tablet players will do battle with PC and Mac veterans, with existing players able to link accounts and play on their platform of choice. Stronghold Kingdoms will be our first completely cross-platform game and the first ever Stronghold game on mobile

Completely redesigned for mobile, Stronghold Kingdoms on iOS and Android will feature new controls, a touch-based interface and all core functionality of the PC and Mac versions. Castles will be just as easy to build, siege and defend, with simple one-touch gesture controls and UI rebuilt from the ground up for smart devices.

Stronghold Kingdoms’ player base of over four million registered users is expected to increase greatly with the release of the game on iOS and Android. We look forward to showing you more of the game during GDC and in the coming weeks and months in the run up to release!