Thanksgiving Sale on Crowns

Thanksgiving crowns sale news1

Buy Crowns before Monday and receive 30% extra on each purchase!

After a hard week it’s tough to beat the feeling of retiring to your castle with the family for Thanksgiving. Feasting as you will on a grand turkey roast, all while plotting the downfall of your opposing House. To assist you in your quest for online domination and medieval glory we have decided to give all players 30% extra Crowns on all Crown purchases for the next 4 days. This Thanksgiving bonus on in-game currency is effective immediately and will end in 4 days time at 00:00 GMT on December 2nd.

All players will be given this 30% bonus to Crowns purchases, providing the power you need to strike down your enemies and protect your allies! The 30% bonus is now active across all Crown purchases and payment options.

Spend them well!