The Wolf’s Bequest

wolfBday_client-300x200Celebrate The Wolf’s birthday and the anniversary of Rise of The Wolf with a FREE code for in-game items worth $10!

Happy Birthday Wolf!

Just like your father before you. You are no match for me, Boy.


Today we celebrate two things… My birthday and one year since you and your snivelling, troublesome brethren invaded my lands! Your feeble attempts to drive me from a Kingdom I have every right to rule make me laugh… Luckily for you today marks the anniversary of my birth, so I’m in a much better mood than you tend to find me in on the battlefield. While I would like nothing more than to see the sky fill with smoke, as each of your puny villages burns to the ground, I will instead show mercy. I love a good indiscriminate slaughter, but without a challenge it’s just not good sport!

Given that you have failed to provide a challenge worthy of my name, I will have to take matters into my own hands. Now arm yourselves and give me your best shot in the Wolf’s bequest:

Free Offer Code




Please Note: The above code will expire seven days from now on March 15th at 14:00 GMT.

A Challenge From The Wolf

Redeem this code and redeem yourselves as worthy opponents on the battlefield! I take great pride in my recent victories on Rise of The Wolf and would invite you to avenge your fallen brethren, if you had a spine… On the off-chance that you grow one sometime soon you know exactly where to find me!

Rise to the challenge and you will see what it means to wage true warfare, for I will kill you soon. You and all your little vermin friends… I shall tear down your castle, stone by stone if I have to, but I will have your head.