Treasure Castles


Our April client update brings a new kind of castle to Stronghold Kingdoms

Treasure Castles

My Liege. Our scouts have sighted a new type of AI in the Kingdom: Treasure Castles! These mysterious yellow castles harbour fine riches and can only be plundered the land’s most tactical Lords and Ladies. Treasure Chests are buried deep within their walls and visible only to nearby troops so make sure your soldiers explore the castle thoroughly, setting a variety of different starting points when preparing your attack.

When your men successfully touch a Chest the battle ends, after which you are rewarded with a wheel spin on our new Treasure Wheel. Should you reach the keep before looting a chest the battle will be over and your men will return empty handed. Unlike other AI opponents in the game, you will only be able to attack one Treasure Castle every 24 hours. When you send an attack a 24 hour cooldown period will begin, during which you are unable to attack other TCs. Choose your attacks wisely and work together with your friends to keep these treasures out of the hands of your foes!

For more information on Treasure Castles and our new Treasure Wheel, check out our full update notes in the official Stronghold Kingdoms forum.