Wolf Castle #7

Wolf castle #7, how I loathe ye. I spent more time than I like to admit trying the best combination to remove this castle at the lowest cost. The walkthrough presented below will net you maximum honor for minimum troop loss although this is at the expense of needing a lot of catapults in your army.

The real bottleneck to this attack is the very castle design, the path to the keep is very narrow and your melee units always get stuck digging up the Moat on both sides of the path instead of fighting. As a result, the direct approach for this castle is more costly in terms of units then actually going the honor route and removing the entire castle by bombarding the castle from all sides with catapults. Many thanks to Wizard who sent this formation setup to me.

Scouts needed to get castle report N/A
AI castle Sally forth Yes (4 Knights)
Armed Peasants emitted from Tunnel 30
Armed Peasant tunnel location Upper-Left (Northwest)
Killing Pits Yes


130 catapults entirely surrounding the castle, archers up front to prevent our pikemen from suciding and more archers to the top right to kill off The Wolf’s peasants as they exit from the hidden tunnel up there.

The catapults are targeted evenly at all the castle structures with no concentrated area of fire, this is so the castle is brought down at roughly the same time. Finally the pikemen, bottom right,  behind the archers and catapults to preserve them for as long as possible.




As you can see, by the end of the attack, the catapults has successfully removed all The Wolf’s towers and troops simply by bombarding the castle area for an extended period of time leaving the path clear for my archers and pikemen to move forward and claim the keep.

Total recruitment cost (values are in gold) 32,900
Recruitment value of surviving units 22,480
Actual recruitment cost to remove 10,420


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One thought on “Wolf Castle #7

  1. Good job on Castle 7. Lot of catapults which I need to build. I notice you have accumulated a lot of gold .. in the millions. That has been my major problem. Must keep on trading 🙂

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