The Wolf Rises

RiseOfTheWolf_ClientAn old enemy has risen to new power, unite with your countrymen and take back medieval England on 05/03/15!

My Lord, our spies have collected fresh intelligence on this distant world and the terrors they speak of confirm our worst fears! The spymaster tells of a Kingdom drenched in the darkness of The Wolf’s tyranny, upheld by his cruel and merciless henchmen: The Rat, The Snake and The Pig. Together they have sights set on the whole of the British Isles, razing and capturing villages as they see fit and holding the world’s political landscape hostage in a diabolical power play.

We will finally gain access to these battered lands on 05/03/15 at 15:00 GMT, at which point time will be of the essence. It will be up to you and the alliances you have managed to form to end the conflict in these haunted lands and claim the throne for yourself! Beware… These foreign lands are governed by special forces and rules that will support you in your quest to drive out The Wolf and his cronies, but also put you in yet unseen dangers. Here’s what we know so far:


Rise of The Wolf – Game World Rule Set

· The AI (The Wolf, Pig, Snake and Rat) control villages in the same way players do, this includes castles.
· The AI has the ability to capture and raze player villages.
· AI villages can be captured by players
· The AI will vote for itself in elections and control capitals.
· The AI sends out scouts to resource stashes.
· Over time the AI will repair its castles.
· The frequency with which resource stashes appear is increased, now also include weapon stashes.
· Razing or capturing each AI village will reward players with a special Wheel Spin.
· Uncovering a resource stash will reward players with special Wheel Spin.
· Wheel Spins on this exotic new world have been upgraded and grant players a chance to win powerful cards
· Armies and Scouts move at four times normal speed.
· The AI will launch regular invasions from multiple points around the British Isles in an attempt to capture new villages.
· Glory rounds end when a House (including the AI House) reaches 2 million Glory Points.
· The winners of each Glory round receive a special prize.


Rise of The Wolf is an upcoming special game world featuring classic Stronghold characters, improved AI and PvE (player-versus-environment) gameplay. In Rise of The Wolf players are randomly assigned a location on a medieval map of the British Isles. Forced to cooperate and hold back a tide of attacks from The Wolf, The Snake, The Pig and The Rat, who have returned to take vengeance against the people of Britain. Players must fight for both land lost to the invaders and for the support of the people. Only by engaging enemy troops to take back villages and winning votes in the political arena, right down to the level of each parish, can players hope to succeed.

Rise of The Wolf  will open to all players at 15:00 GMT on 05/03/15, when The Wolf and his subordinates will begin their main assault. Differentiating itself from the previous Domination world, Rise of The Wolf will not be time-limited and will feature rounds of prize giving like a normal world, as opposed to a single prize at the end.


Downtime Warning

To prepare for the launch of Rise of The Wolf on Thursday 5th March we will require at least 90 minutes of downtime across all game worlds on Wednesday 4th March, starting at 11:00am GMT.