World 8 Enters a Second Age


With the Second Age set to begin tomorrow at around noon, a set of new rules await players. With the start of the Second Age on World 8 we are looking to give players new rules and challenges in the fight for Glory and Honour. Any game world in its Second Age is classed as an advanced game play world with additional layers of strategy and complexity, designed to test the mettle of even the most veteran Kingdoms players. Featuring a faster style of play, new opportunities and fresh challenge, the new age is designed to shake up the established order and generate fresh political conflict!


Second Age Rule Set

  • Glory – The Glory Race will be reset and all Houses will be re-introduced to the Glory Race with 0 points.
  • Factions & Houses – All players will be removed from their factions and all factions removed from their Houses, as well as any alliances.
  • Stock Exchanges – All stock exchanges will be cleared of their resources and prices reset.
  • Capital Buildings – All capitals buildings will be deleted and their levels reset. Bonuses from deleted buildings will not remain.
  • Forums – All capital forums will be cleared of all threads and messages.
  • Flags – All capitals will lose their current flags and reset to the default starting number.
  • Leadership – Leaders of all capitals will be cleared and their current votes reset.
  • Gold – All capitals will lose their gold.
  • Increased Number of Factions per House – The maximum number of Factions per House is increased from 12 to 20.
  • Increased Troops & Units Speed – The speed of all armies and scouts are doubled.
  • Increased Costs When Using Monks – Interdictions and Excommunications now cost double the amount of Faith Points.
  • Glory Tripled – The amount of Glory rewarded to a House for holding Leadership positions is tripled.
  • County Capital Influencing – Monks can now be used to influence votes at County Capitals
  • Vote Caps – The number of votes for leaders of Counties, Provinces and Countries is now capped at a maximum.


Launch Date

The transition of World 8 to the Second Age is due to take place on Tuesday (25/02/14) at noon Game Time/UTC. At 11:00AM we will require at least 1 hour of downtime on this game world. This is to update World 8 to the Second Age. Click here to see the downtime for your time zone.

All members of the winning House at the end of the Glory race will automatically receive 1 ticket for a Wheel spin upon completion of the Glory race. They also receive 5 more tickets for Wheel spins at the beginning of The Second Age. Please note this is change is only for ‘Great Britain – World 8′ transition to the Second Age. All other worlds will remain in their current age, entering the next age only when their current Glory Race comes to an end.