World 9 Giveaway Winners Announced


Thank you for your staggering response to our World 9 contest!


We have picked 50 lucky players at random from those who have liked, shared and commented on our post as winners of the giveaway. Congratulations go out to the following winners:

TheEntrance, Shaileya, necksnappa, xGodOfWarx, Jordo79, OldCodger, King Alintorith, Preachyr, StingRayBB, XDarkKnightX, jamesla12, Deon70, SirBest, Caerel, lospixel, Holy_Cheese, Willbot, Himari, elwood99, loofar, Seladen, Howsyer, Freka, ickledood, Strongsweet, Rom-14, jerron., bart78, Elder Dude, Drexxar, dadu2001, Clement34, Beast_Rage, bottom652, Ziplocz, STROKER69, Kafephonix, ANTONYVP, Primeviere, PitchBlacKK, XxMRaD517xX, Hollinger54, Pickachuu, HelNike, KingConstantin, Red_Panda, Spoolmeister, Armand64, Sir Tracealot, HuronMantlet

The above players will receive:

• 10 Random Card Packs
• 5 Super Random Packs
• 5 Ultimate Random Packs
• 1 Premium Token (30 Days)

We hope everyone has had a fantastic fresh start on World 9, making new alliances, discerning friends from foes and rushing to the top of unconquered leaderboards.


Best of luck!