Heretic World Temporarily Closed Due To High Demand


Temporarily closed due to high demand. Stay tuned for updates and secure your place in the fight against The Wolf’s band of Heretic Lords!

Temporary Closure

Following the onrush of Lords and Ladies into the lands of Heretic, the game world has been temporarily closed due to overpopulation. While Heretic is currently unavailable to new players until a sufficient number of slots open up, we will of course reopen the world in due course.

Expect an announcement either via this news feed or our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter when this happens.




Facebook Giveaway

Word of our new game world has spread like wildfire, bringing over five thousand eager Lords to the shores of a medieval Europe occupied by the nefarious Wolf. As hundreds of former paragons turn heretic and join The Wolf’s faction, we’ve picked 50 lucky winners on Facebook! Hero or heretic, these Lords and Ladies have helped spread the news of the world’s arrival and as such are each being awarded more than $30 of in-game items.


Each winner (listed below) has received the following:

  • 5 x Random Packs
  • 5 x Super Random Packs
  • 5 x Ultimate Random Packs
  • 1 x 30-day Premium Token


HAWKWINTER, Zasc SRB, Mateuzz, Harth0r, Sodner, Esdron, Imioniuas, stevieg4444, Lemonek, geobebero, Julian112, coam18, Dawis12, drakensilencer, Thrawn Fel, Sweetleaf420, Bernado1, GIDEOND, LordKaiserlik, Mackeah, lordbobafett, CraZyZz38, king_porus, Darknessbeloved, Baka Perv, TheFredPwns, Reefor, miky92, YuGoD DarkLord, Sly Ferrett, Saxon vlad, Thomsentime2, pierpaolo78, TeLobster, Princess Mara, kinwallace, Elektra70, KokaFreak, Dominoday, Taker-Time, kenetp, iocanto, Eomart, WojtekWojtkowski, karre217, Spar-hawk, BBoyGadoMix, DeCry5Ter, Gagastile, BrianBoru943



Heretic World

How could we have let this happen?! We have repelled the raid on our beloved British Isles, only for The Wolf and his henchmen to spread their evil influence across the seas and throw all of Europe into chaos. The people of Europe are counting on you to save them but remember…Those fighting bravely by our side in ‘Heretic’ could betray us at any minute!



As it stands The Wolf, The Pig, The Snake and The Rat have control over 33 countries across Europe. We must unite with our neighbours and retaliate, taking back these lands parish by parish. To strengthen our bonds as we fight for freedom we have been assured of one thing. Lords may only attack those sworn to The Wolf and his compatriots, including any from our side who turn heretic by joining his faction. Visit the Wiki to learn more about the differences between Heretic and our previous campaign, Rise of The Wolf.