Cloud Save Update

Access finely-tuned troop formations and castle infrastructures from anywhere with cloud saves!

New Update

In response to popular request we have released a new Stronghold Kingdoms update, adding cloud saving functionality for attack formations, castle infrastructure and troop placement. Lords and Ladies who wage war from work, boost their castles defences on the road or scout their enemies at family functions can now access their favourite presets from any machine!

While the previous system required manual duplication of formations and castle structures, the new cloud saving options allows for access to five formations from anywhere. At this time cloud saving is only available on PC, although it will soon be added to the Mac version of the game.


New Game World

A message from your scribe:

Speaking of clouds… Our scouts report the dark skies over the British Isles caused by The Wolf and his allies are shifting over to the peaceful mainland of Europe! If this is a sign of things to come you may be called upon to protect these lands from Duc Volpe’s forces.

We will know more soon, but early reports indicate that The Wolf’s forces are moving far to the south east. This could mean we have saved the British Isles, but that our enemy has set his sights on a far bigger prize! I fear these new lands would be more treacherous than what we are used to, with enemies on all sides and maybe even within our own ranks!

Give me a few days to work with our spymaster and gather more information, we expect to have first-hand reports and sightings by the start of next week…