New Heretic Game World


Launching this week, Heretic invites you to unite against The Wolf or join him! Crusade with fellow players or go heretic and team up with the AI

Following his raid of our beloved British Isles, The Wolf and his henchmen have retreated across the seas… Only to bring Europe under their reign of terror! Our allies are pleading for you to save them, however we must be cautious. My spies tell us The Wolf has plans to recruit allies from within our own ranks and dismantle our forces from within!


Gameplay Changes

Based on your feedback from Rise of The Wolf we have made a range of gameplay changes and adjustments for Heretic, our second PvE AI world and the first to feature Europe. In addition to a dynamic Faith Point cap that increases with every slayed AI, Heretic introduces a new twist on the PvE gameplay found in Rise of The Wolf by giving players the freedom to choose which side they fight on.


Will You ‘Go Heretic’?

In Heretic players will choose between battling against The Wolf and his men or turning to the dark side, betraying fellow players by joining The Wolf’s faction. Will you fight against The Wolf or turn Heretic and wreak havoc by attacking fellow players? After swearing their allegiance to The Wolf, a heretic player will only be able to attack non-heretic players. Just remember that, while any player Rank 7 (Bondsman) or above can turn, once you go heretic there’s no turning back!


Kill Streaks

Heretic also introduces a new ‘kill streak’ feature, which stacks as you capture or destroy AI villages within a given period. The allocated time until your current streak ends increases with each defeated AI, with the boost varying depending on the type of AI defeated. As your kill streak increases you will be rewarded with an Honour production boost, extension to your Faith Point cap and a higher chance of receiving additional wheel spins for AI kills. In recognition of the most efficient AI slayers a new Kill Streak section will also be added to the in-game leaderboard.


New AI Castles

As a final addition several new AI castle designs will be introduced with the update when it goes live this Thursday. Designed to provide an intermediate level of challenge for all Kingdoms players, each AI will gain one or two new designs. These will appear across all game worlds providing a fresh challenge for players familiar with existing AI defenses.


Heretic opens this week on Thursday October 27th at 14:00 GMT.