Special Halloween Shield Charge


Help us celebrate and ward off evil spirits! Unlock a spooky timed-exclusive shield charge for your in-game coat of arms

There is talk of monsters, Sire! Our peasants report wispy spirits, gremlins and witches scurrying around our towns late at night. This is likely just a figment of their imagination, the poor and stupid becoming increasingly superstitious at this time of year. We do not believe in such things of course, but just to be safe I’ve prepared a special charge for your coat of arms!

To unlock the time-limited Halloween charge simply open your account settings and redeem the following spooky code:


We must scare them away, my Lord! I am confident this special charge will send shivers down any monster’s spine and protect your House from tiny pillagers.


Please Note – The Halloween shield charge is a time-limited event! You must redeem the above code before 10am GMT on November 1st to claim your pumpkin coat of arms design.