Wolf Castle #8

Wolf Castle #8 can easily take two or more attacks to remove if you don’t set your initial attack up properly. My objective here was to remove this castle as cheaply and quickly as possible; farming this castle for honor is costly compared to the smaller Wolf castles and beyond the scope of the following walkthrough. I used the minimum of eighty Catapults and substituted Pikemen for Swordsmen, both of which keep the cost of this attack down.

Scouts needed to get castle report 5+
AI castle Sally forth Yes (4 Knights)
Armed Peasants emitted from Tunnel 30
Armed Peasant tunnel location Lower-Right (Southeast)
AI castle Killing Pits Yes

When setting up your attack the protection of the Catapults is of utmost priority as they need to survive long enough to remove the center Great Tower in front of The Wolf’s Keep. If they fail to destroy the Great Tower to the front of the keep you will lose this attack. Period, end of story. The biggest threat to your Catapults will probably be the Armed Tunnel Peasants, don’t make the common mistake of placing Archers around the Tunnel exit; instead ensure you have a good number of Archers on the Tunnel side of the attack formation to fend off the Armed Tunnel Peasants once emerged and within range.

In this attack I put the majority of my Pikemen to the rear behind the Catapults in order to protect them from the fire damage caused by the enemy Oil Pots which the fewer Pikemen on the front line will trigger. I have set several of the Catapults to fire upon the nearest enemy Ballista towers instead of the Keep; this will remove the airborne threat The Wolf’s Ballistas pose to the Catapults. The remainder of the Catapults are all targeted at the enemy Keep. Remember to double check the very last row of catapults, they must be aimed at the center Tower in front of the Keep as the Catapults in the very rearmost row last the longest and therefore do the most damage.




Success! Thanks in part to The Wolf for leaving his Swordsmen in the keep on aggressive stance; the keep was already clear of troops by the time our Pikemen reached it. The Armed Tunnel Peasants did not get past our Archer block which protected the vital rear row of Catapults although one Sally Forth Knight did get through and destroyed a few more catapults than is desirable. It should also be noted that The Wolf always leaves his Swordsmen on aggressive. Noob.

Total recruitment cost (values are in gold) 32,500
Recruitment value of surviving units 7,950
Actual recruitment cost to remove 24,550


BATTLE RESULTS Attackers Defenders
Peasants 0 / 0 0 / 2
Archers 0 / 150 173 / 217
Pikemen 91 / 270 50 / 50
Swordsmen 0 / 0 82 / 172
Catapults 17 / 80 0 / 0
Captains 0 / 0 0 / 0

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