Snake Castle

Snake title screen without title

The Snake is one tier above The Rat in terms of difficulty, it can be beneficial to leave his castle in your parish the better to farm honor by defending against the light attacks The Snake sends against you. 

Parish Popularity Reduction -18
Sends Ransacks Yes
Sends Pillages Yes
Uses Catapults No
Uses Swordsmen No
Uses Pikemen Yes
Uses Archers Yes
Uses Peasants Yes
Troop experience (HP) 110%
Difficulty Easy

The Snake will appear in parishes at random intervals same as all other AIs, being more likely to appear in parishes with many low ranking players. His presence is visually represented on the game map by a small red tower icon, which will display a yellow & black coat of arms which has a snake emblazoned up it, the Coat of Arms will show the when placing your cursor over it.

The Snakes attacks will come in either of two forms; Pillage or Ransack. His Pillage attacks are easily enough defended against providing your castle is built all the way out to the white line, and lightly garrisoned. The Snake’s ransack attacks are annoying if you weren’t expecting it and quite often destroys 2 village buildings in one attack; oil pots, and pikemen guarding the sally path from your keep all reduce the chance of The Snake successfully ransacking you.

Whenever attacking or defending; The Wolf’s troop’s hit points appear to have been upgraded to 110%, making making his units just slightly better than the ones used by the Enemy Siege Camp and The Rat.

In the following walkthroughs you will learn of the different shapes The Snake builds his castle into and the preferred method of dispatching each with either minimal troop loss or maximum honor gain. All attacking troops (red) shown in the following walkthroughs have had their hit points fully upgraded.

Snake Castle 1 Preview

Snake Castle Design #1


Snake Castle Design #2


Snake Castle Design #3


Snake Castle Design #4

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