Pig Castle

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The Pig can be a real thorn in your side, he often sends out attacks in an attempt to ransack your village buildings in addition to the regular pillage attacks. However, his refusal to use catapults when attacking is more often than not his undoing.

Parish Popularity Reduction -25
Sends Ransacks Yes
Sends Pillages Yes
Uses Catapults No
Uses Swordsmen Yes
Uses Pikemen Yes
Uses Archers Yes
Uses Peasants No
Troop experience (HP) 130%
Difficulty Intermediate

The Pig will appear in parishes at random intervals same as all other AIs, being more likely to appear in parishes with intermediate to high ranking players. His presence is visually represented on the game map by a small red tower icon, which will display a grey & black coat of arms with a boar charge when placing your cursor over it.

The Pig’s attacks will come in either of two forms, Pillage or Ransack. His Pillage attacks are easily enough defended against providing your castle is built all the way out to the white line, manned with at least 200 troops, and your vaults research is maxed. By contrast, The Pig’s ransack attack is often successful if you have a long path to your keep or don’t have enough archers garrisoned on your walls, placing Oil Pots along the perimeter of your castle is a very efficient deterrent as well.

Whether attacking or defending, The Pig’s troop’s hit points are upgraded to 130% making them the second strongest troops used by any NPC in the game.

In the following walkthroughs you will learn of the many different shapes The Pig builds his castle into and the preferred method of dispatching each with either minimal troop loss or maximum honor gain. All attacking troops (red) shown in the following walkthroughs have had their hit points fully upgraded.

Pig Castle 1 Preview

Pig Castle Design #1


Pig Castle 2 Preview

Pig Castle Design #2


Pig Castle 3-A Preview

Pig Castle 3-B Preview

Pig Castle Design #4

Pig Castle 5 Preview

Pig Castle Design #5

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