World 1 – Age 4 Coming Soon!


With the Fourth Age set to begin on World 1 on Tuesday March 25th at 11:00 GMT, the Stronghold Kingdoms team are currently in the midst of testing and balancing the new set of gameplay rules. Thanks to your excellent feedback in the forums, on Twitter and Facebook, we were able to design a unique rule set to make the Fourth Age a fast and dynamic experience, even for Third Age veterans. The new Age features faster gameplay with increased army speeds, more parish building upgrade levels for maximum production, the ability for players to hold additional villages and the new Military School. The Military School gives players access to an exciting new defensive castle structure, the Bombard.

The Fourth Age will on World 1, appearing on other game worlds once their Third Age Glory Race comes to an end. With faster armies, fresh alliances and new rules, the Fourth Age is designed to increase the pace of gameplay even more and give players greater freedom to extend their power and influence within the world. The Fourth Age offers players a fresh start, with several elements of the game world reset at the beginning of the new age.

Core to the Fourth Age is the new rule set for gameplay, which is as follows:

1. Crown Princes may now own up to 40 villages.
2. Army and Scout movement speeds are three times faster than in the First Age.
3. Weapons can no longer be sold or purchased at Markets.
4. Goods will be cleared from all Markets, with prices reset to their starting level.
5. The Faith Point cost for Interdiction has been increased.
6. A Military School can be built in a parish, which gives access to Bombards.
7. All in-game Factions and Houses will be disbanded.
8. All capital forums and walls will be cleared.
9. Houses limited to 3 factions. The first faction to apply is accepted automatically, all other factions must be voted in.
10. Certain upgradable Parish buildings can now gain 5 additional levels.
11. Players who own more than 10 villages will no longer have to pay the extra honour cost to regain a village, if one of their villages is captured.

All players who were members of the winning House 4 at their moment of victory in the Third Age will be inducted into the Stronghold Kingdoms Hall of Heroes on the official Kingdoms website –

As usual for Age transitions, all players who were members of the winning House at the end of the previous age have received a Quest Wheel Spin and will receive the following in-game prizes at the beginning of Age 4:

5 x Quest Wheel Spins
1 x Ultimate Random Pack
5 x Super Random Packs
10 x Random Card Packs

The transition of World 1 to the Fourth Age is due to take place on Tuesday, March 25th at 11:00 GMT/Game Time. We will require at least one hour of downtime across all game worlds. Please click on the following link for the downtime in your Country –

We hope you enjoy the new Age!