Coming soon: A new Age for World 3


The 3rd Age begins on 27/1/2014 in World 3, with a new set of new gameplay rules!

With the 3rd Age soon to begin on World 3 we’re preparing to hand players a set of new gameplay rules. This new age features increased caps for villages, more parish building upgrade levels, faster honour production and a longer Glory Race.

With faster production, fresh alliances and new rules, the Third Age is designed to increase the pace of gameplay even more and give players greater freedom to extend their power and influence within the world.

Core to the Third Age is the new Third Age rule set:

* Crown Princes may now access up to 30 villages
* Honour production has been increased by 900% for Banqueting and 300% for Popularity
3. Goods have been cleared from all Markets, with prices reset to their starting levels
4. All in-game Factions and Houses have been disbanded
5. Certain upgradable parish buildings can now gain additional levels
6. The rate at which Glory is gained has been rebalanced

The transition of World 3 to the 3rd Age is due to take place on Thursday (27/1/2014) at 11:00 AM Game Time/GMT during the regular gameplay update scheduled for this time. Click here to see the downtime for your time zone –

All players who were members of the winning House at their moment of victory in the Third Age will be inducted into the Stronghold Kingdoms Hall of Heroes on the official Kingdoms website. To congratulate these fearless players for their glorious victory each winning player will be rewarded handsomely for their triumph with a Quest Wheel spin at the time of victory and an assortment of unique prizes thereafter.

This ‘Champion Pack’ includes:

1. Unique Charges for the Kingdoms Shield Designer
2. 30,000 Faith Points
3. 100,000 Gold
4. 25,000,000 Honour
5. 250 Card Points

Please note that for now only World 3 will transition to the 3rd Age. All other worlds will remain in their current age, entering the next age only when their current Glory Race comes to an end.

Please refer to the Wiki for more information –