Glory Race Round Up 12-02-2013

English World Roundup News

See who’s managed to acquire a valuable glory star and who has been taken out of the race altogether.

World 1

House 4 have received their 6th star in the Third Age!

Led by their magnificent marshal RainOfTerror, faction general of Five Finger Death Punch, the lords and ladies of House 4 have gained their sixth star! The High Castles House 2 and the Sinners of House 18 had the least glory and have been removed from the race.

World 3

House 8 have received their 4th star in the Second Age!

Under the Leadership of their merciless marshal Orama, faction general of Short Bus, the brave lords and ladies of House 8 have received their fourth star! The Beasts of House 14 and the Lionhearts of House 16 had least points in the last round and have been eliminated from the race.