New Timed World

client_dom3-300x200Intense PvP competition returns next week with the launch of Domination 3!

Sharpen your swords and tighten your bow strings, as it’s soon time for another epic clash of Houses on a heated PvP battlefield! Launching next week on July 28th, Domination World 3 will return you – the Lords of Stronghold – to Kingdom’s most coveted Glory Race. Players from all game worlds will once again come together to take part in a fast-paced, brutal and ruthless bloodbath, all in pursuit of eternal glory in the Hall of Legends. Will YOU fight for dominion of the British Isles and win a treasury of in-game prizes?

Based off the Domination 2 rule set, our third Domination world will feature the same unique gameplay changes that bred cut-throat politics and intense PvP warring. The only major change is a significantly longer world lifespan of 180 days, meaning Domination World 3 will offer the most lengthy PvP-heavy challenge in the game’s short history. This new world will once again give new Lords and veterans alike a chance to either secure their rightful place in the Hall of Legends or be shamefully forgotten in the annals of Kingdoms’ history…

Be ready to join the fight on July 28th at 14:00 GMT!

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