Stronghold Kingdoms iOS

ios shkFull game coming to iPad and iPhone with new touchscreen controls and cross platform play!

We are proud to announce that Stronghold Kingdoms is coming to iOS. The Kingdoms App will be nothing less than the full game in playable form, with a customised interface and of course cross platform play with the millions of existing Kingdoms players.

That’s not all! Watch our Gamescom reveal trailer to find out what the future holds for Stronghold on both mobile and PC:

Trailer –

Stronghold Kingdoms iOS is being developed to expand Kingdoms’ player base and give existing players more options for when and how they defend their villages, secure resources and plan attacks. The idea here is to secure the future of the game and make clear our plans to continue supporting Kingdoms, with new features and world types coming. ‘Ready when it’s ready’, the new iOS version is being rebuilt specifically for mobile devices.

Currently being shown to press at Gamescom 2015, Kingdoms on iOS will introduce the game’s brand of hardcore strategy to a new audience. As an MMO we know how important an active, growing player base is to the Kingdoms community and the future of the game itself. As such our intention is to develop a bespoke version of this important game, with a user interface that has been redesigned completely for touch while still retaining all key functionality players are used to from the PC version. When it comes to strategy Stronghold Kingdoms iOS will be one of a kind on the App Store.

We can’t wait to share more about this new version of Kingdoms. Please look out for screenshots, dev diaries and more closer to the release on iPad and iPhone.