Stronghold Kingdoms Shield of the Week – 06/22/2014

shk_sotw_06_22_14Congratulations to VAVA FR for winning Shield of the Week! To reward VAVA FR’s heraldic skills we’re giving him (or her) the following prizes:

• 5 Random Card Packs
• 1 Super Random Pack
• 1 Ultimate Random Pack

Want to be our Shield of the Week? Just follow these easy steps:

1. Save an image of your shield on the Coat of Arms Designer screen by clicking on “Preview” then “Save image as…”
2. Send this image and your Kingdoms username to

Every week we award the winner 5 Random Card Packs, 1 Super Random Pack and 1 Ultimate Random Pack and post the winning shield to Facebook and Twitter. We’re looking for the most creative, interesting, funny or heraldic shields you can come up with. Show us what you can do and you could be the winner next week!