World 4 Updated

age_5_world_4The Fifth Age is now live, plunging World 4 into a new era of plentiful riches and ferocious power struggles!

Having mastered the ruthlessness of the Fourth Age ruleset, World 4 has now entered the Fifth Age, upping the ante in the fight for land, power and Glory.

Superior Military Schools, abundant Treasure Castles and political reformation form the bedrock of the Fifth Age while forever changing the way in which Houses reach for the crown. Effective immediately, players on World 4 can now enjoy the Fifth Age.


New Ruleset

  1. Military Schools can be upgraded to level five.
  2. Treasure Castles are twice as likely to appear.
  3. All Factions and Houses are disbanded.
  4. Large Houses gain Glory more slowly than small Houses. A House with 60 members will gain one third of the amount of Glory that would be gained by a House with 10 players or less.
  5. Only members of a House can be candidates for election.
  6. To be eligible for the office of Sheriff, a candidate must belong to a House which controls at least 30% of Parishes in the County.

As with every Age transition, all Factions and Houses will be disbanded at the beginning of the Fifth Age. The capital forums will be cleared and all players removed from their elected positions. Once the Fifth Age begins all players will be notified in-game concerning the new rule set, this news post will also be updated and bumped.


Coming Soon

Based on your feedback from previous Ages the Fifth Age ruleset aims to further balance siege gameplay and the overarching Glory race, while simultaneously adding new challenges for seasoned players interested in the metagame. We want to thank all players who have helped us design the Fifth Age by offering their suggestions and feedback on Facebook and the official Feedback forum. Please continue to be a part of Kingdoms’ ongoing development and influence the creation of more Ages to come!